Monday, May 26

Shader Noise

After some gnashing of teeth -- mostly involving "stupid" stuff like creating a proper 2-channel 3D texture and computing lighting vectors -- I have working shader noise functions in the noise library. The raw noise functions do 3D Perlin, fbm, and turbulent noise. To demo them I created a script that bump-maps three rotating spheres with some simple real-time procedural textures. The first is just a bumpy texture using straight Perlin noise, the second is a crinkly texture using 4 octaves of fbm noise. The third (bottom) is an embossed turbulent noise texture.

Note that all three spheres use exactly the same vertex geometry, the apparent differences in the shapes are entirely due to the shaders. The effect is even better with a moving image, as is usual with these types of things.

Get the code


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