Tuesday, April 11

MacBook Pro, Yo

I've pretty much gotten the new MacBook setup to my liking. I must say, Apple really has it down in transferring from old to new machine. All of my stuff was seemlessly moved over from my "old" G4, barring some intel-incompatible apps. I had to install a new version of vim, but I found the 6.4.000 version would run but crash on save (ouch). So I installed the 7.0c2 beta. It doesn't crash, but there are a few bumps, specifically:

  • It doesn't seem to draw text quite right. Sometimes the text gets shifted over, when you cursor over it, the character it looks like you are on isn't the right one. The right one appears for a second, but then it shifts back again. Even refreshing the screen doesn't help. I guess I'll try another font, but if I have to give up ProFont I'm gonna be pissed ;^)
  • It doesn't seem to draw text quite the same way. I was using an anti-aliased ProFont before, but it draws too small now (though the line spacing looks right). In fairness, this may be an issue with Tiger and not vim (I was running 10.3 before)
  • When you use "change" commands (cw, ct, cf, etc), and you use backspace to delete from the right, the characters don't go away until you switch back to command mode. I've seen vim act like this in the past, so I suspect a change in a config option's default value

    On the bright side, 7.0 adds built-in spellcheck, and the new virtualedit=onemore option removes an annoying vi artifact. onemore allows you to place the cursor one character beyond the end of the line without entering insert mode using A for example. The undo branch functionality sounds amazing, if I understand it correctly, it will mean everything you enter will stick around somewhere, regardless of intervening redos/undos. I just installed it today, so there are bound to be other handy options to figure out tomorrow. If I can get the text to draw correctly, I'll be in business.

    There is still one thing that annoys me to no end with vim. Try the following: In command mode, place the cursor in the middle of a line of text. Then alternately enter insert and command mode using "i" and [esc]/[CTRL+C]. Notice how the cursor moves to the left each time. Now this doesn't happen if you enter insert mode using "a". Perhaps I'm just assbackward, but what I find is that I'm always one character off to the left from where I want to be when I leave insert mode. The onemore option does help since it allows you to place the cursor "past" the end of the line. I'm sure there's a hack to take care of this and someday I'll find it (and post it here for posterity).

    update: I figured out how to get characters to go away right away when using change commands and backspace. I added this to my .vimrc and all was well again:

    " Redraw immediately when replacing text within a line
    set cpoptions-=$
    " Erase backspaced chars immediately
    set cpoptions-=v

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